Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ms Greensmith and Mr Lenihen are owed an Apology,

At the very minimum!!!

Yesterday at 1130 hrs Whaleoil published a post based on a leaked email sent by one Julie Beven, Resource Manager for consents Auckland City to GRP AC Resource Consenting - All Resource Consenting
SUBJECT: Information about Kauri tree issue last week

It gives the total lies used by the Neighbour, the protestors, the media and by their silence the AC staff, employed to manufacture a scenario that was never revealed, or corrected as mob rule including one Minister of the crown Maggie Barry combining to deny due process to the two applicants for the development.

Yes it is old news but in simple language it documents how law breakers were enabled by a pathetic media and council staff to act with impunity for varied and selfish motives.

Go and read it and if you have time the comments accompanying as they add meat to the bones as to what those who despicably used falsehoods and manipulation to deny the developers their legal rights.

That is real dirty politics in action but as there is no Nikki Hagar involved it will never be published in our idiot MSM

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