Monday, March 2, 2015

Maybe It Was A Queensland Fruit Fly.

Vunderkind Glen Maxwell is reported in some media to have made a choking act after the inspired bowling of Mitchell Stark threatened to make a bushranger move to rain on the  Eden Park Saturday night fever.

Dont know if Kane Williamson saw it  but his belting Pat Cummings over the  rope very next ball was a very adequate answer.

The rather rash stroke Maxy delivered as his memorable contribution to a very ordinary Aussie batting effort might well have had him choking on his bat handle.

Then again the man from Victoria might just have had one of the  unwelcome Cane Toad  State's unwelcome pests from nearby New Lynn go down his rather illadvised gob.

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Noel said...

If it was he's broken the quarantine. Another MPI failure.