Saturday, March 28, 2015

Maybe He Is Just Bloody Good ?

 And his detractors are talking a "Crocket of excrement".

Wyatt Crockett Argentina v New Zealand - The Rugby Championship

The guy is six foot four, one inch taller than Ken Gray.
Maybe he gains an advantage that he can use.

Dominic Bird and Mark Cooksley are 6' 9" should they stand in a hole at lineout time.

One of the most destructive props was a little fat bastard from Scotland who at 5'8" was said to have used his short wide stature to get under any tight head at any time he wanted and give them grief. Ian "Mighty Mouse"  McLauchlan was his name, Ben Robinson from NSW is similar.

Now Wyatt Crocket is causing grief amongst Saffa props, South African Rugby who regard their props as demi gods and most if not all are not complete strangers to a 'bit of slipper' and 'hows your father' in their delivery of service.

A searing legend from the 1956 Bok tour to NZ, when a bunch of Springboks came here to continue the total dominance of South Africa in scrummaging that had prevailed since the ending of the two three two formation in the 1930s. The IRB, yep the same if somewhat earlier bunch of gin swilling old farts ruled the Ball had to pass three of each of the opposing feet before being 'hooked'.
Three years earlier in 1928, NZ touring the republic were forced to abandon 2 3 2 as the 3 4 1 Saffa teams were just too dominant over the seven packing all blacks with a "wing forward as an additional halfback.  In 1956 rugby graduated to something akin to war and with Bekker, Koch, Newton and du Toit they had four extremely powerful props who with what  some say were questionable tactics, dominated the first two tests but only got their beans when K L 'Kevin' Skinner was brought in to even things up a bit. The very sad outcome of that was in the 4th and final test at Eden Park when the Saffas in defiance of Dr Dannie Craven ruling over a planned assault, aimed a kick designed to cripple Skinner only to discover they had ended the career of AB lock 'Tiny White from Poverty Bay, wrong man oops.

Rugby is quite unique in that the fast / lumbering, tall / short, fat / skinny, intelligent / thick, black white ginga whatever can fit in to a team of 15 and bring whatever skill they might possess to contribute.
Administrators do not ask sprinters to drag a dead weight, last night a talented young man by the name of  Nehe Milner-Skudder danced through the Rebels to score two tries. That's not fair, he should have his ankles tied with a two foot length of string?

Many claim there are more than enough rules in rugby that make any referee's task impossible when it is so simple. Pick up a pigs bladder and kick, pass or run or in any combination to press it to the grass beyond the goal line at the other end of a paddock.

Wyatt Crockett has over 100 super rugby caps, has played hundreds of games under how many referees, works bloody hard on his game, is just the man to go to war with and now after he has embarrassed two of the Saffa cults in a week he must be cheating, that suggests he is just very successful.


pdm said...

GD - although I was only 10 at the time as I recall Kock and Bekker played all four tests and du Toit (aged 19) and Newton-Walker did not get on the field. du Toit was a force in SA in 1960.

pdm said...

Typo - Kock should be Koch.