Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mark Twain Said It All.

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"
The guts of a cable sent by Twain to the New York Journal after they prematurely published his Obituary.

Obituaries are not always accurate and a British muso  Dave Swarbrick on hearing a false report of his death in a Coventry hospital is quoted to have said 'its not the first time I have died in Coventry".

Moving right along,  a few weeks ago every wank journo in the Aus MSM was musing on the political death of Aus PM Tony Abbott and when he survived a "spill" motion in the party(caucus) room, they moved from the 'obituary' to the 'prognosis'.

He is gone, they chorused in unison as Malcolm Turncoat make that Turnbull if you like, did a Shorten on Abbott.
Shorten was the puppet master who knifed first KRudd, then Juliar Gillard and then was present when the lazarus of The ALP rose to his aspiration to lead the socialist behemoth again only for Tony Abbott to rain on the parade

Turnbull, was the leader of the Liberals who Abbott convinced a narrow majority of the MPs, only a one vote majority actually, that "Turncoat" was somewhere in the middle of the socialists politically and would never topple the dysfunctional rabble that was plunging the Federal Budget into a permanent state of deficit.
In 2013 Abbott scored a crushing defeat on the Milkybar Kid and some of those who found new fame and fortune on the coat tails of that victory started to think their best chance of survival in the face of Abbotts low polling as he and Joe Hockey made a pigs ear of the first budget, was to repeat the disastrous scenario that contributed to the demise of The ALP.
Turncoat milked their fears until they found a scapegoat to fetch the knife.

Now as the realisation of reality settles back in, Abbotts sometimes blundering,  more often telling it like it is, rises again in the polls.
I think he still has to sever his dependence on Peta Credlin,  his polarising Chief of Staff, or she will  sink him again.
For now though Tony Abbott is looking anything but dead and it is Bill Shorten who has the poll virus and all those nervous nellies should get to work as it is still 18 months until the voters have a say then together they can ensure Tony is not a one term PM
Meanwhile Abbott should put Turncoat away from his administration, even find a posting that fits his ego and place a tourniquet on his fatigues because Malcolm in the Middle will try again, that much is certain.
The other certainty is, just as Mark Twain found, eventually the Obituary is actually correct in its  first assumption.

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