Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Have Some Air Strikes!

He of little brain has been lecturing the Australian PM on the usefulness of airstrikes in the battle against the Islamo-fascists.  Yes, tht's right.  Airstrikes.

I had to blink twice and go back for a second look.

Here is a Labour leader recommending airstrikes when we don't have an air force strike wing, thanks to unilateral destructive action by another Labour leader.

Do these people have no antennae for irony?

By hell, Audrey Young sure does.   Here's the money quote.

Mr Little spent 35 minutes with Mr Abbott at Eden Park - during which time Australia lost four wickets.


Noel said...

Maybe there was some astute decisions on the strike wing? Cost 11 million to get out a 700m contract that would have ballooned out to am awful lot more with airframe revitalisation, maintenance and improvements.

When was it? 2001 or something.
Now 2015 and we haven't shown a need to date.

Anyone know where the budgeted 689 million went?

Anonymous said...

Treasury took it all back from Defence - plus some more