Monday, March 16, 2015

Just Another Example.

How the modern MSM make the news from what was the actual news.

A very hostile media who will never forget or forgive Tony Abbott for ending the luvvies dreamtime with KRudd  and Juliar.
Installing Turncoat is a first step to reinstating the socialist wastrels.

In recent days The AUS PM has attempted to get a debate running on welfare for Aboriginal peoples who want to live in their ancestral lands where there is no prospect for any form of self reliance.
It costs over twice the average investment in a welfare beneficiary in the developed environments to maintain an 'original people' person in the bush and all TA proposed was a debate.

OH no the raving lunatics who inhabit Fairfax and The ALPBC, immediately went feral and attacked the now clearly racist PM for his remarks.
It is a little different over there, draconian "hate speech law" precludes such reasoned discussion and they totally ignored what TA actually said and proceeded to use their slant on the address to give him another bashing.

Here a member of the Tangata Whenua however tenuous their connection is still largely free to return to a home Marae where in all probability due to better climate, soils, water and the sea, opportunities can provide some ability for self reliance and benefit abuse is under somewhat better oversight.
In the Aussie "Bush" there is no water, no roads, no communication infrastructure and even snakes take a weeks food when they go abroad. Hence the extraordinary costs of welfare delivery to the remote places.
The absolute reality is abuse including sexual, violence, alcohol and children who are condemned at birth if not before to a perpetual existence of hopeless squalor
Many sensible Aussies can see that and see TA's effort as a beginning of a necessary dialogue.
 His mortal enemies see  only another opportunity to perhaps slash his Achilles tendons and bring him down. The truth is Tony Abbott of all the political operatives has possibly the greatest credentials to assess Aboriginal life and times in The Lucky Country c2015
Possibly the most daunting fact in these unremitting attacks lie with the vast sums of dosh the federal government hands to his enemies at the ALPBC and the minister  there is his number one enemy one Malcolm Turncoat.

In another world on matters Media has their been a change in editorial at The Listener, they have an interesting oped on Mr Hagar, yes the one who is building a sordid existence based on stolen information.
Where there is life there is hope.

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