Sunday, March 29, 2015


Make no mistake.  National suffered a humiliating loss in the Northland by-election. The reasons are myriad and David Farrar at Kiwiblog has canvassed them in some detail here

I knew National was in real trouble when I became aware that a lady in the electorate who had acted as a scrutineer for the Party since Adam was a Cowboy advised she was not available and further, that she was considering voting for another Party because 'John Key was becoming a tad too arrogant and needed taking down a peg or two'.

I suspect it's a little more complex than that ... an unease that the Government might have lost its way with third-term-itis setting in and a perception, right or wrong, that National had stopped listening to its grass roots.

It matters not that National has rescued the countries economy from the train wreck it inherited from Helen and Winston.    It matters not the step change that has occurred in the administration of social welfare.   All this (and more) counts for nowt when the electoral pendulum swings against you as it surely will.  

The Government fails to recognise that at its peril.   Can I take it a step further. National needs strong voices in Cabinet who are prepared to tell it how it is and can deliver in their portfolios.  The pending retirement from Cabinet of Tim Grosser, off to the United States as our Ambassador, presents John Key with the perfect opportunity to right the ship.

There's any number in Cabinet comfortable with being identified as 'middle-of-the-roaders' and good on them ... elections are won in the middle.    But my Party is a broad church Party and we need someone prepared to stand up and champion the concerns of our right wing support base.

It's time to bring Judith Collins in from the cold.


Howie said...

Yep, what's needed is more viciousness and toxicity at the highest levels of government. That'll help. Perhaps begin secretly dealing with Slater again as well (once he gets over his headache of course). Great thinking!

The Veteran said...

Howie ... I'll leave the viciousness and toxicity to Peters thank you very much ... after he pays back the $155k he stole from the taxpayer of course.

baxter said...

I agree Collins should never have been punished. She did no wrong. She is one of the very few with charisma (even from the back bench) and in my view the logical successor.

Noel said...

The opposition candidate does have some advantages in an election.
They can and do promise the world.
When he was heckled by a out of shot probably hemp head he replied that he would conduct a referendum.
Geez only a weed smoker wouldn't understand that referendums don't mean at toss in this country.

Noel said...

"after he pays back the $155k he stole from the taxpayer"

Clarification please?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... are you the only one in NZL that hasn't picked up on this?

The $158,000 debt relates to parliamentary spending by the New Zealand First Party in 2005, that the Auditor-General found to be unauthorised and illegal.

Labour did the same to the tune of $500,000 and then with the help of NZF rammed through retrospective legislation to legalise the rort.

A rort is a rort is a rort and retrospective legislation doesn't make it right.

Noel said...

No I remember that.
It was your use of "stole".
From the act of stealing. Nah wrong word.

Noel said...

Sorry to be more explicit.
In your context Labour, National and Greens all paid back monies they stole?

Howie said...

"Collins should never have been punished. She did no wrong."

Other than, for example, using taxpayer funded junkets for personal gain and leaking the name of an innocent public servant to a vile attack blogger (with consequent death threats), yep, she's a saint, bring her back please! Oh and was she gunning for Feeley or not? Someone was lying there, right?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... neither Labour or NZ First have paid the money back. Wasn't aware that the Greens were part of the rort but I will take your word for it that they were.

Howie ... I get your point. You don't like her. Your call, not mine and neither does the gospel of the neanderthal left carry any weight with me.

pdm said...

Vet - I am with you. Collins must come back and immediately on to the front bench at 4 or 5. This result probably gives cause for a reshuffle and some non performers like Foss (my Electorate MP) have to be moved out.

Re the money from 2005 - I thought Labour paid it back and the amount was in the order of $800,000. Peters never made any attempt to do so and I think Dunne's lot might still owe $50/55,000.

Clark and Cullen initiated retrospective legislation to save arses including National who had some sort of GST stuff up in the order of $80/100,000.

DPF would know about this sort of thing.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... you're right. The figures for the rort were Labour $800k, NZ First $150.4k; Greens $80.9k and United Future $63.8k.

The result being the taxpayer was rorted an amount in excess of $1.1m which Labour, NZ First and the other guilty parties attempted to legitimise by way of retrospective legislation. None of this money has ever been paid back.

Winston First tried to claim they had raised the money to repay but that it was being held in a secret Trust a/c to be donated to worthy causes. Peters refused to identify those causes although someone in NZF, in an offhand remark, suggested that Susan Couch, victim of the Panmure RSA killings, might be a beneficiary. Problem was Couch denied receiving any funding.

The suspicion remains that if indeed there was money raised it was retained by NZF (read Peters) to pay outstanding legal costs incurred by said Peters.

Would have thought the proper thing to do was to just pay the money back.

CrusherFan said...

Agreed!!!!, bored of seeing her at the back bench, bring back Crusher