Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's Just Not Fair!!

 Bernie Madoff sits in a penitentiary for committing a spectacular fraud.

Al Gore, failed Presidential Candidate, and now pin up boy of the "end is nigh" scam variously called AGW, Climate Change, Global warming, Climatic variability, while owning several mansions that would chew up the electricity of a small nuclear reactor, flies around the globe in a private jet that has a carbon footprint of a small town, amasses a fortune directly from the United Nations backed scam and he is free to just keep on doing it.

17 year hiatus in the rise of the world surface temperature that no single theory has accounted for  and now we are asked to believe that Tuvualu's tragedy is because we mere mortals are burning too much fossil fuel.

How about our benighted government just hands all the freakin money extorted from productive effort as a sop to the numpties who believe CO2 is toxic and not the greatest boost to vegetation growth, straight to the poor buggers in the Pacific who now have bugger all of the near nothing they had before Pam came to visit uninvited.

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