Saturday, March 14, 2015

It really resonated.

A comment from "George"  on Whaleoil's daily General Debate.

"If ever one needed evidence that the socialists of this country have gone feral then it has all happened this week. We start with Hager's and NZH's desperate attempt to gain traction with "spygate". Then tree huggers invade private property sending death threats to the owners going about their lawful business. The NZTC has cleared a drug user/trafficker to return to the classroom fourteen months after her conviction and to top it all off, some nutter believes babies lives are dispensable but opossums are not.
Socialists struggle with the concept that they are part of a greater society which has rejected their agendas, their philosophies and their lawlessness.
The Socialist's purpose within society has been reduced to seeking acknowledgement by extreme non-talented behaviour. It is beyond socialists to contribute rational debate, entrepreneurial endevour, and common logic.
What is curious though is they choose to live in this society to which they are so opposed. The comforts they enjoy, like the land that was cleared so they could be housed, the recovery of native wildlife and flora being witnessed nationwide, their right to protest about anything and everything and the laws that protect them. And yet the many socialists relying on the sweat of others to provide financial support can still find this country and its society abhorrent but continue to call it home!
I say, "Go to hell". It must be a far better place."

Go you good thing, George.
Many socialists have endless energy to contribute, often funded by the wealth creators they denigrate so avidly, in  attempting to build "Jerusalem" in this green and pleasant land. In the meantime they create only obstruction, interference and greatly reduce the pie that might be shared for the betterment of all.

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