Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I recently came across a manuscript compiled by my Great Aunt Sara who came out to NZL as a very small child in the 1890s where her father was to take up employment as the Dunedin City Engineer (where he managed, among other things, to engineer a 'still' in the basement of the family home at Anderson's Bay ... but that's another story).

The missive records that they had an Irish Nanny and on the way out from England and during a stop over at Port Said, said Nanny took Sara and her brother Harry to Cairo where she had them baptised in the Cairo Cathedral in order to help save their 'black Protestant hearts'.     This was only discovered on their return to the ship when mother found Sara clutching the Rosary she was given by the Priest.   Apparently this caused a right set-too and said Nanny was handed her marching orders and left standing on the dock when the ship sailed soon after.    It is recorded that the Rosary was given an unchristian burial at sea.

I guess if that happened today there might be a super rich Irish Nanny.



The Realist said...

So, Vet are you of the True Church?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Reminds me of an incident involving one of Adolf's ancestors, fresh out from the Old Dart.

Apparently he secured himself a job as guard with NZR in the early days of NZ Rail. On his first trip north of Auckland the train passed paddocks of pumkins as it approached Kaukapakapa. Ancestor found he could not pronounce the place name so announced in stentorian tones to all passengers "Net stop, Pumpkin Flat."

On return to Auckland, he was terminated.