Monday, March 30, 2015

Here Come The Armchair Warriors

McCallum should have started differently.
Taylor should not have been there,
McCallum should have bowled when he won the toss
Vettori was too old,
The ground was too big,
NZ should have sledged.
What went wrong,

Suddenly everyone's an expert.

It was so simple, one team loses. Sadly this time it was NZ and anyone with brain cells numbering a figure  greater than their height in millimetres knew it had to end and yesterday that moment came when a tall left arm fast bowler by the name of Mitchell Starc turned up to play. In the test arena he is just ordinary but in this tournament he has been developed as a weapon deserving of his Man Of The Tournament award.
He was faster, bouncier, more accurate and more difficult to score off and he was the whole difference.

McCallum has taken some of the worlds best bowlers apart over the last few weeks and it has given us an edge.
Ross Taylor was struggling for runs but I know of no-one better qualified to do what he did yesterday and at 150/ 3 after 39/3 had done his job.
Had NZ got past 250 Australia would have struggled.
Vettori has been magnificent,
Strange as it may appear to many of the numpties, both teams played at the MCG and the boundary rope was in the same place for both.
While sledging is not unknown to our cricketers it is not a part of the game at all times for them. Whether it is from their criminal/convict past, who knows, sledging is embedded in Australian cricketers.
Sportsmanship is a luxury only created after the opponent is smashed, as a PR exercise. Had 'Davy' Warner been left dying on the SCG from a freak accident he too would have been lauded as Phillip Hughes was, there would not have been a single reference to any of the all too many sad demeaning incidents he has accumulated in his short career.

Well done Brendon 'Bazza" McCallum and your team of men to be proud of,  you achieved more in so many ways than any team preceding you. You used outright attack as a weapon. Who before, as a tactic in 50 over cricket  used four slips and a gully as a defence that took vital wickets. Now it is adopted by most teams.
Well done Mike Hesson and the other management members, that team  went to places almost all, those who understand and those who never could, would only have dreamed about.
Well done NZ Cricket for creating that opportunity.
Well done Therese Walsh, how you organised, presented and managed the NZ part of the spectacle in a most successful tournament was seamless and effective, how many million people will see us as a  place and a people,  worthy of more investigation in another time.
I understand the post match press conferences saw McCallum for NZ in a room packed out, but for the victors only half as many attending, significance and a message  there surely.

Thankyou guys put that team photo on your wall and tell your grand children you were there.


rivoniaboy said...

You forgot to thank South Africa for supplying Grant Elliot.

Anonymous said...

NZers tear down heros in a very unhealthy manner.