Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

A couple of months ago I forgot to pay my Telecom account. OK, that's my fault but, on the account of $75.78, I was charged $18.40 late payment fee. That's 24% per month or 288% pa. Enough to make a loanshark turn green with envy. No wonder Telecom are bottom of the league in Consumer's ISP survey.

Tinman said...


Knew a "Telecom" once - good outfit that generally gave me good service - but they changed their name to "Spark".

Mind you I pay my bills on time, every time - with modern technology there can be no excuse not to.

288% per annum seems quite reasonable to me.

Anonymous said...

Care for a loan, Tinman? I've a few dollars I'd like to invest at that rate.

Tinman said...

No thanks Raydob, I don't leave myself open to 288% penalty payments and have a bob or two at the moment.

I do have a taxi for sale though (vehicle only). I'm sure the money lenders will charge you less than the 288% you helpfully paid Spark.