Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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gravedodger said...

Craig Foss attempts to make a reasoned response to the risks from visitor drivers.
Good on the QTown rental agency being proactive in assessing potential renters for their knowledge of road rules.

Anonymous said...

I say, Winston is doing very well in Northland, isn't he?
Hope he wins. Go, Winnie, go!!!

pdm said...

Raydob - if you are that keen on Winston perhaps you could pay back the $158,000 plus interest he has owed NZ Taxpayers since 2005. Using the Rule of 72 and a 7% interest rate lets call the amount due $330,000.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth should I pay anyone else's debts when I have great difficulty in paying my own? Anyway I cannot believe that the Right Honourable Winston Peters could be capable of not paying his debtsRaydob