Sunday, March 8, 2015


This was the catch cry of thinking people in the lead up to the 2008 general election and before that even the 2005 general election. Now the head cheerleader for Don't Vote Labour is Labour Leader Andrew Little as he and his left wing cohorts try to rort the Northland By-Election. How low can they go? How does their candidate Willow Jean Prime feel as she is shafted by her Leader - I'll bet it is not putting a smile on her face.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

She will feel much like kelvin Davis did when he was shafted in the ssme way by the idiot Cunliffe.

Adrian said...

Or Paul Goldsmith.

pdm said...

Somewhat different Adrian - Goldsmith was assured of a place in Parliament on the list.

No such luxury for Willow - she just has to lie back and think of Labour.

Noel said...

It can't be a rort. Must be accepted practice now after Epsom?

Cedric said...

This is not new for Labour (or the Green Party purists).

See Wikipedia - Jeanette Fitzsimons:

"The Greens contested the 1999 election as an independent party, with Fitzsimons and Rod Donald serving as co-leaders. Fitzsimons was placed first on the party's list, and once again contested the Coromandel seat. To observers, it seemed that the Greens' chances of entering parliament were dependent on Fitzsimons' performance in Coromandel; in order to receive proportional representation, the party needed to either gain five percent of the national vote or win an electorate seat, and it appeared that the former option was unlikely. Labour Leader (and Prime Minister after the election) Helen Clark openly encouraged Labour supporters to give their constituency vote to Fitzsimons[3] and their party vote to Labour.[4] When normal votes had been counted, it appeared that Fitzsimons had been defeated in Coromandel by National's Murray McLean, but when special votes were tallied, Fitzsimons had a narrow lead. This guaranteed the Green Party seats in parliament regardless of whether it crossed the five percent threshold (as it eventually did).

In her second term, Fitzsimons promoted bills to extend New Zealand's nuclear-free zone[5] and to reduce road traffic.[6] Both were defeated at their second readings.

In the 2002 election, Fitzsimons was defeated in Coromandel, placing third."

nb: my bold emphasis

Paulus said...

You can bet that Labour HO have endorsed Willow for a high list seat in the next election.
So who cares what the acting Labour leader thinks = Grant must be salivating again - his turn is coming thanks to little Angry.