Monday, March 16, 2015


Congrats to the Labour candidate in the Northland by-election for having the gonads to 'flip the bird' to Hapless Andy and continuing to campaign like her life depended on it.     Being thrown under Winston's bus by her Party Leader can't have been a pleasant experience and clearly the lady is made of sterner stuff and ain't having a bar of it.

Labour Party signage in the electorate outnumbers Winston First by something in the order of three to one. Up here in Paihia there are 63 National signs. 8 Labour signs and zip nothing from the JAFA.

Feedback from the 'Meet the Candidate' meetings in Wellsford and Kerikeri was that Winston came across as tired and running on empty.   The zip wasn't there and the tactic he has employed for the 30 years plus that I have known him of arriving late for maximum effect backfired spectacularly.   It pissed off the people waiting for the meeting to start big time.

Willow Jean, like Mark Osborne, comes across as a passionate Northlander prepared to do the hard yards.   If she had been standing for National and if she wasn't on the Te Tai Tokerau Roll then I might have considered voting for her.

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