Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confusing Messages?

On a large electronic scoreboard at Eden Pork was a ticker with advisories running across the bottom of the screen. with the state of play the main message.
One read the number to call to dob in bad behaviour in the crowd.

As Steyn prepared to bowl what turned out to be the last ball, the ticker asked patrons to be considerate of the venue's neighbours as patrons departed for home.

Then when Grant Elliot delivered the Saffas  the Coup de Grace  what did the stadium managers do in the late night hours, they delivered a very impressive fireworks display.

Was that in keeping with their plea to their guests or what.
Possibly answers from those who were just getting off to sleep, pet owners or those who give the management the most grief when hours, events and conditions are up for discussion.

When planning a "bit of a do" that might give those nearby cause to complain are best dealt to with  a few invitations, works for me.

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