Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can A TV Be Insured Against News Rage.

TVOne infotainment  from 1800 through to 1900 is on because SWMBO says so and as I create a culinary masterpiece, tonight Welsh Rarebit,  the TV is very adjacent , too close for long term security in fact

Tonight they created an Image from the By-election starting with a montage of the pensioner from Auckland again presented top dead centre with Mark Osborne lower left and no other candidates. No Jean Willow Prime from Labour (2nd 2014), no Joe Carr from Focus (candidate 4th 2014), no Robin Grieve from ACT, No Maki Herbert from Aotearoa legalise cannabis party but she has a novel way to raise her profile by admitting she is facing cultivation of herbs charges, and none of the other five who have nominated.

Just the ascendant old pensioner who has a tenuous connection by birth and has not committed to any other activity beyond his attempt to cause a rearrangement of the deck chairs, performs hopefully his last throw of the dice in what he regards as his taxpayer funded  monopoly game, the NZLP candidate training school continues its shameless screeching for team 'Red' and its present proxy or is that poxy.

With the two talking heads reading from their teleprompter and a couple of breathless shills for the socialists, with many stills and movies of crown cars decrying National for actually campaigning.
Oh there was a claim by Benglish it was legal and a swift kick from the Aussie communist.
As if the freakin melon hypocrites wont use Taxpayer funds to sort out which of the four pathetic hopefuls who were exposed on Sunday TV as being almost without any knowledge of the state of the current NZ economy, to accompany the Material girl as an emasculated 'co-leader'.
No mention of just how many Taxpayer funded dollars were spent on Angry Andy jetting around the village to get his union mates to promote him to the NZLP leadership.
The whole item ignored the Candidate who came second to the resigned Mike Sabin only a few months ago. Also missing the salient facts that the OAP from St Marys Bay has not even bothered to give the voters of the electorate the option of voting for a NZ First candidate for at least the last two general Elections and as the Veteran has already pointed out cant even vote for himself  as he doesn't bloody live there.
Whatever the outcome on March 28th his flirtation will end and his oh so current deep concern for the massive potential of the Far North can go back to total ignore once more, a bit like Brigadoon in a way.

Of course The Government will throw every thing into their campaign to assist the OAP back to his resthome, the alternative will be a bloody mess as the ungrateful Possumhead plays silly buggers and the Apartheid party forget who has provided them with real options to make genuine progress for their people, both getting to wield power never intended by many who still think MMP is a great system.
Anything less from Team Key would be a gross dereliction of duty.
Go you good things, Corrin Dann, Katie Bradford, Simon Dellow and Wendy Petrie are flat out in their campaign for the best hope the hopeless temporary bloody leader of labour has as he is struggling to throw Ms Prime under the NZF bus but the useless prick cant even make a decent bloody job of that.

Ah well crisis averted Top Gear on Ch 74 and SWMBO having departed to her bed, I feel better already.


Howie said...

Holy fuck. You're utterly incoherent. Are you some sort of parody of a slavering right wing windbag, or are you a slavering right wing windbag?

Nick R said...

Best. Comment. Ever