Thursday, March 19, 2015

At Least They Are Consistent

Adolf has watched with some amusement as the largely leftist media in Australia gets most political predictions absolutely stark bollicking wrong.

First it was the great Liberal Party spill motion which was going to tip out their bete-noire, Tony Abbott.

Didn't happen.

Two weeks later the media told us Turnbull had the numbers to have another go.

Didn't happen.  Turnbull was bullshitting and Abbott's poll ratings are on the rise.

Now the poor bastards are recovering from their greatest disaster so far, the predicted defeat of Bibi Netanyahu.

Didn't happen.  He won - some say thanks to Obama's interference in the election campaign..

Oh what a bastard of a life must it be for a journo employed by Fairfax, ABC or SBS.

John Key can take heart when the egregious Harold prints it's daily line up of anti National headlines.
The media simply is out of touch with the general public.

A gorgeous example the other day.  Chatting to a lady at the local dairy and she opined loudly:-

"If Australia can lose a generation of young Aborigines it's about time we lost a generation of young Arabs."

You'll never see that on the ABC.


Noel said...

Has he won enough to govern?
Most credible commentators claim the fat lady has yet to sing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes he has. He's got thirty something seats more than the Obama backed Labour outfit and he will form a coalition.