Sunday, March 1, 2015

All Those Wasted Opportunities!

Old news now I know but the irascible old megalomaniac was quoted in the media today as standing in the now vacant  Northland seat to bring real change to the long neglected province.

That is just great you supercilious old has been.

After going into hibernation for two and a half years then awakening with a xenophobic rant against amorphous Asians in the  run up to the last four elections with an often much changed stable of acolytes, now it is "his time to do something for the north".

Where have you been you opportunist old fart,  you could have given the roading, mining, horticulture, dairying, water management, and investment in infrastructure your full support since you left Tauranga.
You know the place you  were so happy to just  be the MP for until a daft bugger with a hammer and a nail pouch gave you the true value electors accord you.

What is different in the far north c2015, oh that's right it could be an opportunity to advance the WRP Brand eh, and if it fails as I am sure it should, what then, back to your old sleepy byes until the next general election.

 Of course if all others quit the race and campaign for you it is possible , just !!!! Mathematically

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