Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Suggestion With Merit.

A motorcyclist remains in hospital after colliding with a campervan on State Highway 6 on March 13.

A dashcam with white line sensitive response to warn when a vehicle fails to maintain the white line on the righthand side of its image.

I have an old Gps that sits on my Disco dash for elevation info and it has an annoying voice set to inform me when the speed exceeds 105kph. The voice alone is sufficiently annoying nagging to cause immediate speed reduction.

The source of this simple technology as a solution to a perceived problem with drivers on incorrect lanes causing accidents and including possibly unreasonable  assertions of it being a problem with visitor/tourist drivers,  being promoted as a requirement for rentals.

Why stop there, if the suggestion is supported with reliable cost effective technology have such a basic safety system in all vehicles along with seat restraints, lights, indicators, brakes and the other listed functioning equipment subject to WOF/COF inspections.

Stuff reports a serious crash near Punakaiki on the West Coast that is suggested on initial information had a rental camper in the righthand lane hitting a motor cyclist.

Yes another maybe unwanted extra compliance imposition but one worth consideration IMEHO.

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