Sunday, March 22, 2015


Gerry Brownlee's announcement that the Government was taking steps to protect the identity of service-people being deployed to Iraq is well justified and welcome.    

I am encouraged too that TV1, in a rare move designed to provided some balance to the criticism from some no-name academic who had it the move was unnecessary and designed to intimidate and silence opposition to the deployment, followed up his comments with a media clip highlighting that ISIS had published, on-line, details concerning the families of US troops serving in Iraq and calling on their sympathizers in the United States to take action against them.  

Nothing much changes.     44 years ago the wife of a colleague of mine serving in Vietnam with 4 Detachment NZSAS was rung by some low-life at 3.00 am in the morning with the person pretending to be an Army spokesman and telling her that her husband had been wounded in action and was not expected to live.      

I suspect that those in NZL who support ISIS are capable of much worse.


JC said...

ISIS claimed it had hacked military computers to get their 100 names, but given the variable levels of details about each person its much more likely the info was collected the low tech way of reading the papers, military media and so on.

Point being its an easily duplicated method here or just get a peace activist to do it for you.. come to think of it I know one who probably already has such a list.


Andrei said...

On a day when the USA is fleeing Yemen, with its tail between its legs, you would have to wonder why we are involving ourselves in this debacle in the first place

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... not the point and neither is abandoning the world to ISIS an option either.

Noel said...

I hope no one can photo graph them getting on the plane.
Simple face recognition software and families social media posts have created a new world.