Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Rort For Sure, Maybe Conspiracy to Defraud!

Australians are pouring $Au millions iinto the Islamist terror activities and not many know they are even being levied.

The Pickering Post has completed a 12  post series on halal certification

Today in a postscript it seems one of the shadows behind the leadership spill has gained the chance to have the scandal investigated, finally.

With the most populous Islamic nation sitting just to the North of the lucky country, trade looms large and almost all exporters are forced to gain halal certification for exports and due to stringent rules around possible contact with non halal product the opportunity exists for the certification net to be very widely applied.

An applicant will be inspected and no chance of a quote as to costs until the inspectorate have assessed how much can be screwed out of the applicant.

Here we endure similar costs but due to our lower dependence on trade with the Islamic countries we are less exposed.
Bet your boots you wil be  surprised at the annual $ take swept up in the annual fees demanded.


Noel said...

Yah have to be careful what yah read in this internet age old fella.

This claim was circulated around Australia months ago and I was altered to it by some Aussie veterans whom I served with and who are rabid anti Muslim.

I found the best explanation for the funding at Halal Australia but I was doubtful they would accept any of it so I didn't alert them.

gravedodger said...

So Noel, yuo hve read the thirteen posts at Larry's blog have you?

Howie said...

You don't need to. Anything that scamster writes is automatically classified as fiction until shown otherwise. What else you got?

Noel said...

I can't understand you old fella.
When Hager is claiming something you are quick to condemn yet when Pickering, also known for his embellished postings you promote him. Strange!!!

gravedodger said...

It is widely accepted there are many versions of any truth and Pickering and his writer researcher on the halal scams are just calling what they see, as does Hager.
That you choose to denigrate the messenger, winner of four Walkley awards and a Churchill Fellow recipient and mention him in the same sentence as Hager the thief, receiver, fabricator and publisher of rather ordinary political hatchet jobs says enough to make your hatred of Larry rather suspect imho.
Howie that the Federal MPs are sufficiently aroused to investigate halal is going to be very interesting, hell might just tell the lucky country how much they are paying Islam to make sales.

Noel said...

Is that humble or honest opinion?

To be honest I don't "hate" the Pickering post at all. It's just that so many times where you check out his claims many of them are less than factual.

Howie said...

Churchill Fellowship! ROFL, they give them away with cornflakes. Pickerings and scam artist and crook. You don't like Hager because he reveals how the right operates, and we can't have that now can we?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Did you get one with your last packet of cornflakes?

Did you know federal MPs are about to close down your scam?