Sunday, February 22, 2015

ya missed ya dopey bastard

Bankside SH1,  18 59 hrs Feb 21, traveling north @90 kph with trailer home behind Discovery, right at end of passing lane, cleared mirrors, turned on rt indicater and started to re-enter single Lane.

Nek minute with double yellows a motor home rental, rego
FQJ783 is overtaking straddling double yellows with oncoming traffic.
There was no more than a closed fist between our van and the rental as I fought to regain Control from the bow wave effect.

Of course *555 was overloaded and there was no way to run the bastard  down so we diverted to our Club grounds at Weedons to get over the oh so close disaster.

Can only assume the idiot was late getting to CHC to dump the rental.
I seriously hope  I never cross the path of that bastard who had zero ability to be on the roads in any vehicle.
Don't think for one minute you were clever or skillful, you were very lucky the driver of the Discovery was a seriously well trained and experienced emergency services driver and was aware and concentrating or you might have never have got around to returning that rental.

Oh and worse I might not have been able to create this post, that would have seriously passed me right off.
Ya dopey c#*t.


Noel said...

That's different a motor home that's not slowing you down.

Tinman said...

The bastards are getting worse.

Took the taxi off the road last Wednesday (I'm replacing it and have sold it) and decided to have a two week holiday watching cricket after a ping in a rental came through a round-a-bout from my left at about 50kph, no look, no see, no give way, and it took all my luck (I claim no skill) to miss him.

I've had at least one near miss a day lately.

gravedodger said...

I am restricted to 90kph by a law that often makes little sense, Noel.

gravedodger said...

I am sure your skill level is well above average Tinman with the kms you do and survive.
The big problem is the very low standards accepted as an average, far too low Imho.

Noel said...

90kpm thats fast too. I my area you never catch up to a motor home doing above 80kpm. Mind you got a surprise yesterday when one driver pulled off to let a backlog pass. As unusual as a speeding motor home.

Anonymous said...

Buy and install a Dash-cam which incorporates time/date stamp and GPS speed. The Police will accept data from these (along with a standard sworn statement) as evidence to prosecute, and also protects you in case of an accident caused by another party. If we get more of these devices installed and being used to provide evidence of idiots like this, then eventually they will understand that the whole motoring public are more or less effectively policing the road, along with the more traditional Police who can never be everywhere at once. I would like the Police to start a campaign promoting this as policy, with established procedure guidelines to follow to help getting successful prosecutions.

Interesting question - what do off duty Police on holiday do when confronted with situations as you have described? It is happening so frequently now, that most of us have a tale to tell.