Monday, February 2, 2015

Winston who?

As Sabins train wreck slows some unhinged wannabe  gets an opinion from a long dead and rotting corpse who has made a name for himself largely based on lies, manic obsessive behavior and an inbuilt ability to survive gunfights.
He has achieved that largely using incompetence and obsequious responses from the forth estate.

The twerp who destroyed a weatherman cum politician with  a disgusting use of parliamentary process now calls for the Prime Minister to act in a similar MO to put the boot into Sabin in similar fashion.

I have no knowledge of what the case involves but Key gave Sabin time over the parliamentary recess to get himself sorted as regards his place in the national scheme of things and before any repercussions could emerge from Sabin's position as Chair of the Law and Order committee he is gone, job done.

That is not enough for the age challenged old war horse who has zero acceptance of any fallout from his hatchet job on Horan, who incidentally was the best poll outcome for the dwarf's party four years ago by a country mile, the old fart now wants to nail any semblance for due process on Key's mast while Sabin awaits the outcome of a police investigation.
Horan's alleged actions were never  proved beyond  Peters' lurid allegations and it could well turn out similarly for Sabin, time will tell but for any wannabe, trained and skilled to allow the dwarf to make lame attempts for relativity is pathetic.

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The Veteran said...

In the Sabin matter due process will take its course.

In the Horan matter due process never happened. Winston doesn't do due process.