Friday, February 6, 2015


Andrew Little has condemned the Labour Party to decades in the wilderness with his call for there to be a 'conversation' on Government ceding part-sovereignty or a form of co-sovereignty to Maori.

It is stupid, it is devisive, it aligns Labour with radical Maoridom and it's never going to happen.    Many would argue that the granting of Maori special membership rights at local government level was a step too far.   Many would argue that the retention of the Maori seats in Parliament is an anachronism that has long outlived its purpose .   Many would argue that with the major treaty claim settlement process nearing completion consideration should be given to the winding up the Waitangi Tribunal.  

But all that pales into insignificance with Little's latest call.   Clearly he let the occasion get the better of him.   Watch the back peddling to start once his rank and file MPs (and supporters) get to grips with just how much damage Little's musings have done to brand Labour.    As a National Party voter all I can say is 'thank you Mr Little'.  


JC said...

How does this jell with his objection to selling water rights?

Maori will split him in half if he concedes sovereignty but retains water rights.

In effect he's joined Meteiria and Winston in picking over the Mana carcass and hoping the bulk of Maori and PI don't notice or care.


The Veteran said...

JC ... you've nailed it. Nothing but nothing jells. I've seen some pretty outlandish calls by the leaders of our major political parties over the years but this one surely takes the biscuit.

baxter said...

Yep but I can't find any record of his comments on 'stuff' and while radio live has reported it, Red Radio doesn't appear to have preferring to persevere with negative trivia.