Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What The LLL

Lawrence, Lianne, Len, all good fullers.

All Mayors and in Yule's case the head honcho of the umbrella Local Government NZ.

Apparently all also short of the funds required to build their Empires or is that the pile of excrement they just love to stand on to emphasize their eminent position as movers and shakers.

All struggling along with the rest of the inflated egos that lead local government, finding funding their legacy a bit short on the funding needs.
Rates have increased at around twice the inflation rates since forever and this morning good ole boy Shaddy has weighed in with trash talk about various ways to raise the stakes, Toll roads, Fixed annual charges, user pays, and cutting core funding to release funds for the various pipe dreams.

Here is a radical idea from one who has had a few funding shortfalls over a life of dealing with many hands where the cards dealt were less than a 'Royal Flush', a 'Grand Slam', or any other slamdunk hand most get very rarely:
Cut spending,
Have it before spending,,
Budget and stick with it,
Tell all  dreamers with bright ideas to find their own funding,
Cease the daylight robbery that only succeeds because the law allows it,
Make every effort to collect from tardy and non payers,
Get the hell out of commerce and let the tender process produce the benefits the market delivers,
And lastly stop pandering to all those who have that seemingly incurable disease of entitleitus.

Pay the town clerk what they are actually worth,
Make the elected do their own research, make their decisions and live with the consequences.
Desist from all the dodgy advice from consultants,
Listen to the citizens and act within the mandate they give you and if you get it right for a majority then you just might get re-elected.

The Calici Virus still kills many rabbits and the best way to initiate an outbreak is to take a carcass from an infected area and place it on the pile of dung where the boss buck holds court thereby infecting all who pay homage to him, believe me it works a treat.


The Veteran said...

Well done GD ... you beat me to the draw on this one. The problem had its genius when local government persuaded central government to grant it the 'power of general competence' i.e. to carry out any function unless expressly forbidden by legislation.

LG campaigned for that on the basis of 'trust us to exercise that power responsibly' ... and central government did and local government didn't and hence the situation where LG has arrogated to itself all matter of activities with the funding chicken now coming home to roost.

Not helped either by the fact that central government has legislated new responsibilities for local councils.

Prior to that the functions of LG were mandated by legislation (water/sewage/rubbish/etc). Nothing more, sometimes less.

LG has the answer in it's own hands. Stick to 'must do', limit the 'should do', forget the 'could do' ... problem solved.

Noel said...

The saddest change was from local body representation to local body government and associated politics.
Was a time when they were elected because they wanted to serve their fellow ratepayers.