Tuesday, February 3, 2015


A few weeks ago I posted along the lines of Tony Abbott was no John Key in selling himself and his policies to the electorate.   The predicament Abbott finds himself in today is exacerbated by the entitlement culture that pervades all levels of Oz society. Put simply, the electorate still believes it has a right to a champagne lifestyle notwithstanding a beer income.  

The situation is not helped by an electoral system whereby the Lower House, controlled by Abbott, is held hostage by the Upper House with a rag tag bunch of so called independents calling the shots.

Yes, Abbott stopped the boats and hit the Carbon Tax for a six.    But his budget is in a shambles; his flagship Paid Parental Leave policy gone-burger and his educational reforms likely to go the same way.

But for me the defining moment was his attempt to argue yesterday that only the electorate had the right to fire him.   Utter crap ... Australia does not have a Presidential system of Government (not yet anyway).   It's the Party that elects its Leader and what the Party giveth the Party can taketh away.

Abbott is clutching at straws.   He knows it, but straws are about the only things he has left.

update ... it is reported that Foreign Minister Bishop has refused to guarantee that she will not challenge for the leadership of the Liberal Party ... tick. tock, ticking clock.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I don't think he was arguing that 'only the electorate has the right ti fire him.'

More a reminder of what a disaster it was for the Gillard/Rudd regime to change its leadership midstream - twice.

Whatever his faults, Abbott is the best they've got. Turnbull is a socialist in a bowtie who failed to bring one ounce of his vast debating skill to the task of selling the budget.

Noel said...

I want to see Bishop roll him. Be interesting to see if many of yah average diggers remains as sexist towards her as they were against Gillard.