Monday, February 9, 2015

Tony Abbott Prevails

Tony Abbott has brought about the defeat of the Liberal Oarty leadership spill motion by a margin of 61 to 39.

A most sensible decision.

The question remains though, how long will the party put up with the treacherous socialist Turnbull?

It's time Turnbull was turned out.

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gravedodger said...

Jeez Adolf, the stupid gene must be prevalent in the Australian voter.

WA has the best chance in years to give the finger to the almost incomprehensible Senate junket and vote to perpetrate it.

Re-elect the Premier in your state in a gerrymander that the stupid Libs perpetrate while it keeps them in opposition. They couldn't even give a DCM to that turncoat who allowed Jay Weatheral in the back door. What sort of a name is Jay, my second Hunterway c 1965, a very good bitch, was called Jay

Elect that oh so nice Dan it was Daniel was it not, in Victoria and risk a billion plus of OPMs to stop a road in contract stop penalties.

Dump Newman because he wont spend more than Bligh, btw is she a relly of the Captain.

Now clamouring to elect Turnbull as PM when he is in the wrong party.

Learnt absolutely nothing from the Rillard Gudd circus of musical chairs.

So where to now limp along until the next spill, why isn't it called a dump as in take one.

The Lucky Country seems a bit OT as in carrying on at the Casino to regain losses.

The chatterati are now planning the end game for what seems the best thing in NSW since for ever in the form of Mike Baird and that's Tony Abbott's fault as well.

Have a nice day it is raining here and it feels good.