Thursday, February 26, 2015

They will be freaking executions, you muppets

After weeks and weeks of useless idiot journalists calling murders, slaughterings and killings by Islamist nutjobs in Syria, Iraq and Libya, executions erroneously, today Stuff adds to the confusion by referring to the entirely legal executions of two convicted drug dealers who happen to be Australian citizens, as killings!!!

Dragging poor bastards in the wrong place at  the wrong time into  an improvised movie set to  create horror movies are just murders not sanctioned by  any  formal laws other than 1400 year old dogmatic philosophies with origins in the bloodthirsty yearnings of a selfproclaimed Prophet with a  murdrrous intent to create a personal depraved fiefdom perpetrated by equally  depraved followers awarded a cloak of justification by meaures completely foreign to educated peoples who  retain the rights to make decisions without an overbearing Imam telling them how to think.

Indonesia is acting with due process that  is an execution.
ISIS footsoldiers are just murderers, call their process anything you wish but there is precious little "due" about it.
Mind you the victims  will still be very dead, however the language manipulation by socalled trained wordsmiths always presses my buttons.

Mind you on any scale I might use the two drug dealers are more qualified to be put to death than those killed by ISIS footsoldiers for propaganda purposes.


Judge Holden said...
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gravedodger said...

Sorry you need help .
Local polytech might be of assistance
Now just fuck off back under the rock.

Judge Holden said...
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