Friday, February 20, 2015

That Is incredibly stupid!

The other day in Dunedin NZ bowled Scotland out in around 40 overs so you think that might be an advantage.
Well not quite you see because the NZ bowlers did well the NZ batsmen were forced by ridiculous rules to make two innings starts because they had to take a "LUNCH" break at mid afternoon, around 2 30 pm, from memory.
Notwithstanding NZ wanted to make a significant advance in their "net run rate" and lost wickets in pursuit of that objective.

Today Southee and co demolished England in 33 overs and then set about dismantling their bowlers scoring 112 before the Ridiculous inane rules dictated a "TEA BREAK" with NZ 12 runs short of an annihilation of the founder nation  of cricket.

FFS what a fiasco.
Why is there no advantage in bowling the opposition out in under the 50 overs being translated into a between innings break at the end of the first teams effort, whenever that occurs.


The Veteran said...

Spot on GD. Easily fixed. Take the 40 minute break at the end of the innings no matter when.

Anything else penalizes the chasing team.

But commonsense and the need to be proactive probably doesn't sit well with the ICC playing 'pass the Gin bottle'.

Tinman said...

There is GD.

The advantage is that you can, before half time, either win the game or offer the opposition a chance.

The arbitrary break may at times appear silly but ground, indeed associations need profits to keep going and the lunch/tea-time sales are important as, of course, are television broadcast details.

What happened today that you whinge about will happen very seldom. It is better that ALL teams know the rules and conditions and play to them.

Otherwise chaos rules - which would amuse me (us?) temporarily but over time would frustrate.

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman if the grounds and their sharks want to make money hows a bout they up their service, improve their quality and get a sharper deal on value.
If the punters want a demonstration on closed shops and denied competition, what is dealt to fans at any event as food and beverage is ample proof that ignoring 'the market' does not deliver.

I was not whinging as the Salmon and Rainbow Trout could give a tinkers cuss but I stand by my comment on fairs fair and it appears the Veteran sees my point.

Btw that is two games out of three so far that the dominant NZ team has been disadvantaged by what I see as a pedantic rule in having to have two breaks one between innings and then a scheduled lunch. dinner, tea break.
Dam shame the cricket breaks intervene so inconveniently with the gin and tonics for the increasingly sidelined MCC gentlemen.

Cedric said...

The tea break is the equivalent of the bell in boxing. England could have been saved by the Bell had the rain arrived and the match been abandoned.

gravedodger said...

With that performance Cedric, the referee should have stepped in to prevent further damage of a clearly concussed England.
Was Steven Finn and or Stuart Broad on suicide watch last night, was No wickets for 49 in two overs any threat to One day internationals or CWC records?

alwyn said...

Gravedodger asks whether 49 off two overs is a record for a CWC match.
I don't know about that one but H H Gibbs (SA) got 36 off a single over when SA played The Netherlands in 2007. That was a nice tidy 6 sixes.
Incidentally, in the records for most runs conceded in an innings, Tim Southee, yesterday's hero, holds equal second place with none for 105 off 10 overs in a one-day match in 2009