Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sanctimonious Claptrap

This time it's the Salvation Army, moaning in this morning's Herald.

" is reviewing its involvement unless it can get either more capital from the Government or a very low price for the houses."

 If someone else will pay more than your top price, you don't buy the properties.

"He says it would be morally wrong for the army to force tenants out for redevelopment without their consent,...."

No it would be morally wrong to deny housing to those on the waiting list because some little gang of squatters in Tamali don't want to move house.

"The Tamaki Housing Group is organising a national tenants' conference on February 21 to start a campaign against state house sales. Spokeswoman Sue Henry said Tamaki tenants "had their whole lives turned upside-down" by being forced out for redevelopment."

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Paulus said...

I have heard that Maori will swap "social" Houses ex State for Treaty settlements.
Presumably the initial 8,000 houses by 2017 will go to Maori only.
Naturally they will not pay the taxpayer anything, but will expect the costs of running and maintenance via Winz handouts to be Taxpayer supported.