Thursday, February 19, 2015

Outrageous Five Dollar Charge

The usual bleaters and moaners are bleating and moaning at the notion that the police might chage $5 to $7 for a police check, such as is required for people working with children either as employees or as volunteers.

The silly buggers don't know they are alive.  Here in South Australia I have to have a police check renewed every three years, at a cost of $60.00, so that I can do an administrative volunteer job once a week at the local community centre.  The Cook must have a similar police check to perform her duties serving in the local hospital cafe once a fortnight.  Needless to say we both refused to pay and the organisations who rely on voluntary labour footed the bills.

All I can say is that Filk Off and his mates would do well to choose a more realistic issue about which to squeal.


Anonymous said...

They have the same process in N.S.W, it cost $30, so that I could teach a scripture class at the local school.


Alison Jamison said...

$62 in WA

Noel said...

Aw gee that's a bit harsh Adolf.
After all if yah took one flight off the free 20 flights a year for relatives to accompany an MP or 30 for a Minister there would be enough for the Police budget without the need to charge.