Friday, February 6, 2015

Open House

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Apparently the Waitangi Tribunal refused to accept evidence on treaty matters from q direct descendant of Hone Heke. Story at Whaleoil.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thank goodness there are just a few adults left in the Liberal Party of Australia.

Julia Bishop appears to have averted a leadership spill.

The dills would have handed the next election to the ALP.

Rex said...

"Julia Bishop appears to have averted a leadership spill."

You appear to be totally incorrect about that, Adolf. You can't believe anything Tony tells you.

"The dills would have handed the next election to the ALP."

Tony's done that already. Worst. PM. Ever.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... I think you are in a minority with your comment re Julie Bishop. Most commentators would suggest that Abbott over played his hand in representing her position which was, as I read it, that she could hardly be expected to vote against herself in calling for a change of leadership.

If the spill motion is successful or if Abbott were to preempt it by declaring the leadership vacant then I doubt very much you would see an Abbott/Bishop ticket ... methinks Abbott has tested Bishop's patience a bridge too far.

Meanwhile the Campbell Newman LCP government remains in caretaker mode with neither Labor nor the LCP having the numbers to govern in their own right as counting continues ... complicated further that there will be a bi-election in the seat of Maryborough, won by Labor off the LCP, but where the Palmer United Party Candidate was found to be an undischarged bankrupt. That forces a rerun.

KG said...

"Worst. PM. Ever."
Really? Worse than the corrupt, lying, profligate Whitlam?
Worse than Rudd? Worse than the corrupt, lying Gillard who left Australia massively in debt?
Your ideological blinkers are impressive.

Rex said...

"Worse than Rudd?"

I know right? It's hard to imagine someone so dishonest, incompetent and unpopular, but Abbott is it, and achieved in such a short period. Remember how all the conservatives creamed themselves when he got elected? Of course you do.