Monday, February 23, 2015


Lydia Ko (not yet old enough to vote) does us proud.   Numero uno in Ladies World Golf and now her win in the Australian LPGA Open is something we can all rejoice in (although I wasn't 'rejoicing' too much when I missed at 15 inch put for par on the 9th at Waitangi this morning).

And it's a wry 'smile' at those who are want to dish out the vitriol at the so called Chinese invasion of NZL but who are happy to bask in her success (OK, Kydia's Korean but most of the neanderthals I'm talking about wouldn't know the difference)     Reminds me of the old 'some of my best friends are Maori' thing but .......

And talking about things Maori and I can understand the frustration by Ngati Whatua at the angst directed at them for closing off Okahu Bay last Saturday for an Iwi event .... no matter that the land is part of the 48 acre Ngati Whatua Block which includes the reserve behind the beach, owned by the Iwi and administered by the tribe and the Auckland Council through the Ngati Whatua Orakei Reserves Board.   One day out of 365 for their land and rednecks go Ape Shit .... sad.

There is a balance in all things and today we received in the mail voting papers from the Far North District Council asking us to vote yea or nay on a proposal to establish separate Maori wards for next years local body elections.    I am voting NO.   We should be electing Councillors on merit rather then the colour of their skins.   It is wrong and it's patronising to Maori.   FNDC has had a Maori Deputy Mayor and currently has at least two Maori Councillors (including one standing for Labour in the Northland bi-election - even though she prefers to remain on the Te Tai Tokerau roll).   They got there because they were good enough to get there supported by Maori and Pakeha alike.   The introduction of separate Maori wards is a backwards step and I, for one, am totally opposed to it happening.



Raydob said...

It seems to me that you are just setting up strawmen of your own then shooting them down for self-glorification. Everyone I know is perfectly aware of the difference between Koreans and Chinese so you must know some weird folk.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I think younger generations of NZers are more cognizant of various Asian ethnicities than older. They are also more aware that many 'Asians' are NZ born. When you think about exposure to, and knowledge of Asians, there are bound to be differences in awareness between generations as well as regions.

The Veteran said...

Lindsay ... I think you have it about right. Certainly the attitudes I'm talking about are more prevalent in the older generations and it is perhaps no coincidence that this cohort has a high proportion of Winston First voters.

Ray Dobson said...

Again you are doing it...making wildly extravagant claims which cannot be proved or disproved. I am 88 and my friends,in their 70s and 80s, do know the difference between Chinese and Koreans. I am not a supporter of NZ First but, unlike you, I cannot say what their political affiliation is.

The Veteran said...

Ray ... Calm down. What 'extravagant' claim (your words) are you referring too?

That some people tend to lump Chinese and Koreans together?

That Winston First has dined out for decades railing against the Asian invasion?

That Ngati Whatua owns the Ngati Whatua Block and co-manages it through the Ngati Whatua Orakei Reserves Board?

That separate Maori Wards in local government is wrong and divisive.

Noel said...

There have been changes to "Asian" over the years accounting for generational perception differences.

Today it very broad.

"The definition of ‘Asian’ used in New Zealand is based on the categories used in the census, developed by Statistics New Zealand in 1996 (SNZ) .
This group is made up of people with origins in the Asian continent from Afghanistan in the west to Japan in the east and from China in the north to Indonesia in the south."