Tuesday, February 3, 2015

No Freakin Idea!

One of the more inane comments on  Lust Illuminated when two oblivious rooters were watched by patrons of the Carlton Hotel.

Why didn't someone ring the office and alert them?

Well the call would have gone to Mumbai, Jakarta or Manilla and getting that person in the call center to understand what the hell the caller was on about and would have turned an ecstatic friction into a TV series.


pdm said...

Unless they had a good connection the couple would not have been able to take the call anyway GD.

Noel said...

Has the bar(pun intended) been lowered. Next will the news be cell phone nosey pics of someone who forgot to pull the blind.

Anonymous said...

As a one time Director of the company it would seem that all publicity is good, but the Yanks who own the Company, would frown with hypocrisy.