Friday, February 13, 2015


UMR, the Labour Party polling company, was active in the Northland electorate last night.     The tone of their questioning suggests they were trying to establish whether people would support Winston First over the already announced Labour Party candidate Willow-Jean Prime.

This would indicate that Labour is considering doing a nudge, nudge, wink, wink deal with Winston First to effectively pull the rug from under their own candidate in an attempt to defeat National thus denying them the ability to progress important matters such as RMA reform.

Ironic that if Winston stands neither neither he or Willow-Jean Prime can vote for themselves in the bi-election.   Winston because he's a Jaffa and Prime because she decided that being on the General Role wasn't for her ... wants to represent 'us' but prefers to remain on the Maori Roll.

Easy for those parties where their head office makes the call on candidate selection.   Not so easy for National. Sources tell me that nine quality candidates will front to National's pre-selection committee tomorrow.   Those nine will be reduced to a maximum of five with the final choice in the hands of 120 voting delegates at the selection meeting proper in two weeks time.


Anonymous said...

Thought you were talking about Winston's hairpiece for a moment there, Vet.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm James .... have you perchance outed yourself as the anonymous person who e-mailed me some time ago suggesting that Winston ironed his toupee along with his sox!!!?

Cedric said...

Especially if Shane Jones stands for NZ First.

The Veteran said...

Cedric ... Shane Jones has already ruled himself out. Said why would he give up the best job he ever had to be the 'Member for Dargaville'. Don't know why he has the snitch in for Dargaville

Cedric said...

Oh! I hadn't heard that, thanks.