Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just Wheel Clamp The TAB

So some smart bastards are playing dirty with the State Bookie and hoping delay in information flow will allow rorting of the expansion of the State Bookie's marketing into spot betting.

When the State Bookie was set up in the early Fifties and Bookmaking made illegal, the race did not start until the Tote was closed and no further betting possible, signified by "the balloon goes up" as the field was placed in the hands of the starter. Pretty simple really.

Much of the angst around "Match fixing is all about spot betting and as the current very annoying series running with the WCC with an ethnic gent being asked by his GF if he has his bet on and instantly making an "investment" via his smart phone and his apparent seriously dumb brain, promotes, there are possible areas for the electronic crook to take advantage.

Can anyone explain why we need such draconian laws around Pokies in pubs as a form of voluntary taxation of the stupid while the State Bookie and the dept of Lotto taxation on stupid are free to promote, to the point of distraction, their forms of Gambling.

Make a law then watch the smart bastards find a way to make it work for them, sheesh.

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Tinman said...

GD as one who has suffered as a victim of (another person's) "pokie" addiction I don't think the laws surrounding "pokies" are draconian enough but if you're advocating an enforced reduction or cessation of advertising of state sponsored gambling you get my vote.