Thursday, February 19, 2015


Would it be unkind to suggest that the 'nice' Mr Little and his Chief of Staff, Matt McCarten, are joined at the hip?

Andrew forgets to pay his bills ... Matt fails to pay his tax.

Just askin.

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gravedodger said...

If ever there was a case of "it's OK when we do it" that was definitely a contender.

Martyn Martin Bradbury attempted to make light of it and failed to address the core issue; Cohen did the job as demonstrated by the subsequent total lack of non-performance as a reason not to pay up, Little failed to make payment due, overdue, overdue months and only fronted up when Joyce exposed the prick for what he really was.
In his Union work such an outcome would have had the brothers and sisters out on the picket line.
Did Mmatt set him up and if so why who else have the union got in mind, Saint Helen Kelly????