Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gee That "Will" Make a Difference - Not!

I made a claim over a month ago that the stupid ruling where two rebellious Dairy farmers were given a penalty way out of whack for declining to wear safety hats while working on their farm and not all agreed calling me out for making rather extravagant claims.

A Mongrel Mob member doing the same for a quick trip to Maccas for a burger is liable for a $100 fine while the two hard working wealth creators suffered $20 000 penalty each.

Now Work Safe who generated the rapacious penalty have responded to my OIA and guess what, forcing all earners whether employed or self employed to wear head protection   while engaged in their work activity "might" have saved three farmers in the last five years.
 I say might as many accidents resulting in fatal head injury have a victim wearing a helmet.

Worksafe NZ investigated sixteen farmer deaths from quad bikes in the years 2010 to 2014 and only three were from head injury.
Now Work safe does not collect data from recreational accidents so the target group were not a big black circle needing draconian measures as I have no knowledge as to skill level, fitness or what activity led to the three fatals.

Tell me again how many drowned this latest summer many of whom were not taking reasonable precautions such as wearing a life jacket?

Was I really being unreasonable in my criticism of the OTT $40 000 penalty dished out.

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