Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gary, Sam's Dad, Who Cares What He Thinks?

Well according to media reports, 19!!.
That included the catalyst Don Brash, curious to understand what the eccentric guy who got incredibly lucky had to say about a speech he had made 11 years ago when he took the National party from Bill English's 22% to within a whisker of the treasury benches..

Also present for the widely reported expose' were another 19 media vultures who idiotically thought the ramblings of a well established over extended ego were newsworthy.

Now I do not know how many members The Orewa Rotary Club has or if the event was open to the public but in contrast to the significant crowd numbers that once attended what Muldoon created as his annual State of the Nation political year opener, 19 must be seen as a significant reduction in impact , in disaster territory in fact.

This latest wittering of an extraordinarily ordinary man with a distinctive speech pattern and a rather self indulgent attitude, elevated to a higher place in the wealth stakes for giving financial parental support to a talented scion that morphed into a fortune as the NZ model of  Ebay, is just one more example of how time makes work for idle hands.
Sort of like many Lotto winners who after protesting the big bucks won wont change them, either go bankrupt or quietly assume a life of  Riley, Morgan and his wife, Sams Mum Jo, have done some extreme crosscountry motorbike escapades and written rather boring books one of which I have actually read on the "Silk Road".
Not content with a self indulgent lifestyle, Mr Morgan having pretty much failed as a financial guru taking advantage of the rather tarnished opportunity created by Kiwisaver, since sold,  has in recent times made eccentric forays into such nonsense as cats and their threat to native fauna, his personal views on funerals and body disposal, Antarctic environmentalism, Blue Green potential as a political meme, higher taxes on wealth, (without any moves to give any of  his money to the government or a serious charity voluntarily),  among them.
Now his latest preaching, lapped up without any investigation of his basis of expertise, his rather simplistic views on the Treaty of Waitangi kicked off with the inauspicious event at Orewa Rotary with 19, yes 19 attendees reduced to 18 when Brash's presence to observe the effort, is included.
My little service Club here on Banks Peninsula has 40 members many of whom are retired and indulge in many rather obscure recreational pursuits would be seriously embarrassed if a guest with Morgans media augmented profile came to talk to a meeting and could only find 18 attendees.

The best advice I have read for Mr Morgan is just go away and enjoy your good fortune, publish your ramblings on a blog where those interested can visit and stop the evangelical preaching via the dead tree press and the electronic media that many still go to for News and accept the relevance that gives the opinionated such as Moi does, albeit sans the rather false flag power wealth gives you in your eccentric little world.

Unless of course these ramblings are the beginnings of a political career as yet unannounced to the New Zealand public.


Paulus said...

Maybe Morgan is preparing to emulate the Fat Crim and buy the Green Taliban, and set himself up as the Green Financial Guru !

His previous experience as a Kiwisaver manager resulted in a disastrous result for the members but a boomer for Morgan as he sold the list of financial losers to KiwiBank (yes you and I), reported for $50 million

Little Fat Designer Label one would not be favourable to he limelight being taken.

Cedric said...

Deane Jessep wrote in a comment on Kiwiblog ( and reposted on Whaleoil) :

"I was there.
I happened to be close to Silverdale, and had an inclination so popped by. I am writing something seperate on the two speeches so will simply summarise what I saw here.
This was not a Rotary Club meeting, it was Gareth hiring the hall for what looked like a self organised Public meeting.
It was poorly publicised with a clear focus on media invites."

Has an any press report mentioned this?

Georgina Beyer officially introduced Morgan and Brash. It is unlikely that a Rotary Club would invite both men to address them, and unusual for a non-Rotarian to introduce guest speakers, ( and I am assuming Georgina Beyer is not a member of the Orewa Rotary Club given her long association with the Wairarapa).

The Veteran said...

Gareth Morgan left me behind when he waxed long and lyrical about the treatment afforded him North Korea.

There are certain parallels between his view of North Korean society and those of the 'true believers' who made their pilgrimage to the Soviet Union and return singing the praises of the new utopia.

gravedodger said...

Thankyou Cedric, it did seem as though there was something wrong when the Orewa Rotary Club could only get 19 there.
So he hired the hall for his book publicity, hanging his hopes on the historical value of it and it would seem he came a great gutser.