Friday, February 13, 2015


Two Australians are due to be shot by the Indonesian authorities.

Australian media have mounted a wall to wall campaign aimed ar gaining sympathy for their 'plight.'

The two were part of a gang known ass 'The Bali Nine' who were caught in 2005 and have languished in jail ever since, exhausting all avenues of appeal.

They knew when they went to Bali that the death penalty was a possibility if they were caught.  You see, these guys are not dumb broads like Chapelle Corby.  They were full on big time heroin dealers who were in the process of bringing back to Australia some nine kilograms of pure heroin.

My guess is they calculated that if they were caught the Australian government would come galloping to their resce and bring them back to a comfortable Australian jail from whence tey gould gain parole after a reltively short time and enjoy their millions.  They gambled and lost.

Perhaps the media might like to consider how many young people would have been destroyed before their parents' very eyes had this nine kilos of heroin made it to Australia.

I'm pleased they will be shot.  Foolish young Australians might think again before embarking on similar adventures.


Noel said...

Better keep a low profile over that side of the ditch with that attitude. Julia told the Indonesians to expect a backlash from Australians if they go ahead.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel. I think you will find the majority of Australians polled in recent days approve of these executions. Yet we are being fed a daily diet of maudlin sob stories about these two felons.

Mass murder is mas murder whether it be by cyanide gas or heroin.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, last week ABC Radio Triple J station commissioned a poll and published the result. 60% of respondents approved of the pending executions.

ABC luvvies at MediaWatch complained that the results should not have been aired.

You can't broadcast facts which contradict the agenda of the left.