Thursday, February 26, 2015

Doesn't anyone study history today?

In 1923 Herr Hitler lead an abortive armed coup in Munich that was a total farce and poor old ptsded Adolf ended up in jail and with time to fill, dictated his plans for his adopted nation to rule the world, published as 'Mein Kampf',  My Struggle.

This currently banned book but under review in Germany to be republished, contained the blueprint for German expansion, the causes for Germany's disaster and the role the Jews had played.
it was a clear warning to the rest of the world what Herr Megalomaniac would do if and when he gained power.
He achieved that goal in 1933 by manipulation of a proportional electoral system under the ageing President Hindenburg who died the following year and the third Reich began with Hitler assuming the vacant presidency as Chancellor and dictator.

Across Syria and Iraq we are witnessing the formation of The Islamic State under the Quaran which is the basis of the politico/religious  movement begun by a paedophile bloodthirsty desert dweller nearly 1400 years ago.
The Quaran is far more informative with its many explanations of everyday life of its manipulative dogmatic philosophy unchanged from the self proclaimed Prophet, and so very much more comprehensive than Hitlers crazed ramblings 1300 years later.

Following its beginnings Islam expanded East to India and Central Asia and west to encompass the entire Mediterranean, North Africa , and Europe south of the Alps and The Pyrenees.

Why can the leaders of democratic free nations not see where the Caliphate's claim to conquer Rome is not a viable threat.
Sure many followers of Islam are indeed peaceful but the Imams and the  depraved footsoldiers of ISIS have no such qualms, for them their time is now.

Why do so many refuse to learn the lessons of history as all the appeasers and blinkered slavishly managed through the 1930's until the invasion of Poland finally got their feeble brains to see what Hitler had proclaimed 16 years earlier.

Edmund Burke and Santayana, surely gave sufficient warnings.

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