Thursday, February 26, 2015


I see here that Crimdotcon has told Justice Patrica Courtney in the High Court in Auckland today that he was 'broke, destitute and penniless'.   You can read the media report here

Particularly interesting was the evidence from his estranged wife that he told her his involvement with the Internet Mana Party would eventually relieve the family of his threat of extradition.   It begs the question as to what assurances he received from Labour, Winston First and the Greens, all of whom beat a path to his Coatesville Mansion to 'break bread with him'.

That aside, I wouldn't believe anything he said regarding his financial position ... best summed up by 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind, move on, extradition awaits'.


pdm said...

Bloody good job if he is broke and laughing out loud if Mona has all of the money plus the `Toyboy".

Noel said...

If he is to be extradited I hope the Americans have got all their ducks in a row. If he was to win that would make taxpayer you and me open to litigation.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... how so?