Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cor Blimey A Reporter Investigating!

Yesterday we were  prevented from entering McLeans Island Rd because of an accident at the Pound Rd intersection.

This morning Stuff makes it into a story and actually asked a witness questions.

Now this was what once was a normal procedure but seldom happens anymore.

Instead of a  brief headline someone actually did some background and revealed some possible facts.

It is possible as follows.
A small car driven by  a Japanese visitor pulled out of Pound Rd through a giveway into  the path of a logging truck and was struck on the drivers door requiring emergency services to employ "jaws of life" to extract the car driver for hospital treatment.
All that resulted in a three hour road closure.

The only  confusion for me, and I know the corner well was the suggestion the truck was travelling south when in  fact it appears it was travelling west!.

How refreshing  to have the headline expanded by a couple  of  questions of a witness, did that  happen because the 'Press' reporters are adjacent in Johns Rd, was the  reporter just passing  by or did someone actually get off their arse and attempt to  discover some background to a latest accident involving a foreign driver?

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Tinman said...

I couldn't find the story GD but the truck probably was travelling south or south-west, may have even been attempting to turn (south) into Pound Rd.

Most The Press slime are in Gloucester St as far as I know, Logistics Drive being for mainly printing-type activities and I doubt the slime's ability to "get of their arse".

My conclusion is there was two accidents, the second being a member of the slime getting something right.