Monday, February 23, 2015

Cant happen soon enough

Abbott is about to announce a Federal Government reassessment of laws around bail in  the light of the disaster in the Martin Plce Islam inspired slaughter.

It is beyond my comprehension that  in a country, so focused on workplace and recreational safety where personal responsibility is overtaken by state legislated rules and requirements, often to the point of outright stupidity, we are in matters of community safety from known scroats with well documented propensity for gratuitous violence, often resulting in conviction and sentence,   left totally exposed to further  danger.

Perpetrator of the lindt Cafe slaughter of two, Man Haron Monis
Was free on bail on serious violence charges.
Papatoe RSA killer Bell was also free to conduct his murderous rampage while on bail.
Killer of Jade Bayliss in Christchurch suburb of  Sydenham was a convicted killer in West Australia who had gained freedom after  serving a sentence but the Law prevented local police from informing his defacto family of his vicious past.

How many softcock judges and justice crats would be so keen to allow walking timebombs to roam free if they thought such scum were going  to live next door to their  house in a leafy suburb?

Instead of populous calls for prisoner's rights such as voting, how about tightening the stupid laws we who are endangered are forced to endure when the scum  are set free.
If such wanton endangerment was perpetrated on say a building site then the sky would crash down on managers but set a killer free is just preserving their human rights, give me strength.


Noel said...

Maybe if the defence lawyer achieving bail had to put up a bond at their expense this would result in less risky people in the community.

After all its them,Justice,police and a myriad of other Government agencies who have insight into a criminals history but not Joe Kiwi whose threatened by them.

The Veteran said...

And that Noel is about the most brilliant suggestion that I have had put to me in a long time especially from someone who, I suspect, bats for the other side.

But I am starting to hear the howls of outrage from the likes of Marie Dyhrberg QC up here in Paihia already .... that such a move would limit the opportunity for the accused to apply for bail ... given that very few lawyers would be lining up to put their money where their mouth was.

My old mate 'The Realist' may have a view on this. Come in The Realist from Chambers.

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