Thursday, February 12, 2015

BNZ Hastings Staff 1964 -1974 Proposed Reunion

At the recent funeral of an old workmate it was decided that it was well past time to hold a reunion of staff who worked at the BNZ Hastings Branch in the years 1964 - 1974. We have had brief meeting and so far have about 130 names plus of course the known deceased. Our thoughts are to hold the reunion at Labour weekend this year (October 24 and 25) and we will be able to provide more details once we get an indication of the level of interest. We will have a Facebook page up in the next few days but you can respond to me at the following email address pending this and please spread the word. In a lot of cases we only have the maiden names of female staff so if you can assist with married names that would BE a big help. Don MacDonald

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