Thursday, February 26, 2015

At Least The MSM Will Know What To Do

Carmel Sepoloni is in big trouble, her mother appears in a district court on multiple benefit fraud charges, Angry Andy makes Carmelstand aside from her spokesperson role.

Expect full disclosure of the demoted MP's phone records, including texts, to establish the timeline as to what she knew and when.

I mean to say, what was Ms Sepoloni thinking about not nipping this matter in the bud.

Has the rising (riseable) star of Labour got Carmel's mum under control or not.

Would Mr Key have let such behavior happen, hang on his mum is dead but bloody Max had a dodgy mate in recent times.


Psycho Milt said...

I expect that if some evidence comes to light that Sepuloni herself was involved in some crime, and that Little knew about it but nevertheless put her in charge of the law and order select committee, then lied about it to reporters, the media would give him as good a roasting as they gave John Key - in fact, a lot more of one, because leaders of the opposition are much less dangerous targets than prime ministers.

JC said...

More like its a political stunt to point up the difference in handling scandals between Key and Andy.


The Veteran said...

Milt ... can you authenticate pse your statement that Key knew about Sabin's problems prior to him appointing him Chair of the Law and Order Select Cttee.

Yes I know that Key eats babies and all of that that but you will agree that it would be an exceedingly dumb and stupid move for him to have done that if he knew of the Police investigation ... and Key is neither dumb nor stupid.

As for CS and she should not be answerable for the alleged sins of her mother although Whaleoil has highlighted some interesting Parliamentary Questions asked by her recently which seem to parallel her mother's circumstances and that might call into question her statement that she knew nothing of her mother's problems.

Anonymous said...

It is now coming out that despite what Septic (as she is known) Sepuloni knew nothing about her mother's possible fraud crimes that from Hansard it is coming out that she obviously knew about her mother's possible frauds.
More is being revealed which could well end her Parliamentary future.
Next Parliamentary session (3 March) could be very interesting.

Psycho Milt said...

It is of course possible that, despite this being gossip in the National Party most of last year, the police investigating Sabin since April, and their no-surprises policy meaning they must have informed at least one of Key's ministers about it, he somehow failed to learn of it until it was about to break in the media. Haven't noticed any heads rolling over that possible egregious screw-up, though...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Given the reports of her closeness to her mother, it is inconceivable she was not aware of what was going on. If, in fact, she was not aware then she is not competent to be an MP, let alone a potential Minister - God help NZ.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... if 'gossip' is your authentication then that doesn't wash with me.

My understanding is that the police investigation commenced in August ... not April as you allege.

Whatever, you might argue that Mr Sabin had a duty to advise his Electorate Executive of the matter in August (or earlier if you are right). He didn't ... it was only after the matter broke in the media that he choose to talk to them. While I cannot speak for Sabin it is clear that he thought/hoped the investigation would exonerate him.

If his Executive had been aware that he was under investigation at the time of his re-selection there were options available to them.

Having said all of that due process must now take its course.

And while I can understand the Opposition trying to make a meal of it the reality is that logically the case (that the NP knew he was under investigation) doesn't stake up.

As for CS. I think she needs to clarify the basis for her PQs 1089 & 1091 of 23 February 2015.