Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Those of you who listened to the debate in the House this afternoon that followed the Prime Minister's announcement that we are to commit up to 142 military personnel to Iraq in a training and support role in the war against ISIL will have been hugely disappointed by the contributions of Andrew Little and Winston First.

To give credit to Little and at least he acknowledged that ISIL is a major threat to stability in the region and their terrorist outreach, sustained by their perversion of the Koran, means that no country is immune from attack.    But he and Labour are living in another world to suggest that the best contribution we could make was to offer Iraq civilian assistance in developing their agricultural potential. Simple question Mr Little ... just how long do you think an MPI field officer would last outside the wire before he was kidnapped to be seen next in an orange jumpsuit inside a cage?    The reality is that you and I both know that position is unsustainable and the only reason you are putting that forward as an option is an acceptance that NZL has to be seen to be doing something.

At least Little's analysis was head and shoulders better than the tirade of abuse directed at the PM by Winston First.   He offered nothing constructive in a disjointed speech notable only for his loss of the thread of his argument a couple of times.

Russell Norman was predictable with his anti-western rhetoric.   Were there to be a terrorist attack in NZL and the perpetrators caught I fully expect the Greens to be out on the street fund-raising for their defense.    That left Te Uroroa Flavell of the Maori Party who, while opposed to the deployment, at least made a thoughtful contribution.   That contribution was mirrored by the ACT Party leader David Seymour who supported the decision while expressing some reservations.    Peter Dunne was being Peter Dunne.   Entirely forgettable.

But at least those last three had the courtesy and manners to extend to those being deployed to Iraq their personal support and wishes for a safe return.    That support should transcend Party politics but nary a word from either Little or Peters.   For that they have my contempt.   As for the Greens, their silence was to be expected and so I'm not too disappointed.

One final point.   The PM acknowledged and Little picked up on the point that a 'Status of Forces' agreement with the Iraqi Government is work in progress.    It is a given that without such an agreement there can be no deployment.  



david said...

To say that ISIS is sustained by their perversion of the Koran is a dangerous misinterpretation. ISIS is sustained by a literal interpretation of the Koran. It is an interpretation that most Muslims reject, just as Christians reject most of the old testament, but the problem is that while most Muslims interpret their Koran in the light of 21st century reality, the basic tenets of the belief are still held strongly in Muslim communities. As a result the 'moderate' Muslim population is a fertile ground for radicalisation in a way that a 'Christian' population is not.

gravedodger said...

It is just too easy for those who would oppose any and everything our current PM does to make allegations of war mongering to those who support the very limited contribution being made to oppose tthe murderous, depraved, ghastley activities being perpetrated by the braindead foot soldiers of the Islamic state.
Well said Vet.

How any member of the NZLP can stand up and criticise The Nats when it is clear they cannot rely on chameleon irrelevancies such as The Ego of Ohariu to stand up and be counted when the icon of Helengrad made many far more serious and comprehensive commitments that the public only discovered well after the fact, is one of life's mysteries.

The Veteran said...

David ... thoughtful comment. In the Bible you can find a verse to sustain any prejudice you might have if you look hard enough.

And so it is with the Quran ... take for example Surat 2:62 "Surely those who believe, and who are Jews and Christians and the Sabians - whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there shall be no fear in them, nor shall they grieve".

Contrast this with Surat 8:60 which has it that people of other religions are to be violently punished in this world "Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others besides, whom you may not know".

No wonder many Muslims are confused and ripe for radicalization.

JC said...

I think its a dangerous assumption that IS reverting to a 7th century interpretation of Islam.

The Islamic countries were like that right through into the 19th century and were only restrained by European "colonisation".. the only reality of the Religion of Peace came about as a result of actions by our more recent ancestors.

Since its beginnings 1400 years ago the only restraint on this stroppy religion has come from (mainly) Christian Europe and America.


Paulus said...

Surely Winston's successor NZDF ex Major Ron Marks would have been consulted by Winston - Yea !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The lady at the local deli reckons that if Australia lost a generation of Aboriginals, it's about time to lose a generation of Arabs.

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... ex Captain Ron Mark and no, Winston doesn't do consulting because, if he did, Ron would be taking a big dive down in my estimation.

Anonymous said...

The current solutions to Islam's bad habits is the same as it has always been - wait for them to get intolerably out of hand then mallet them militarily. Lather, rinse and repeat. It is a military answer to a spiritual problem, therefore ineffective and temporary. Islam is a destructive creed. In the words of Mustafa Gemal Ataturk 'the theology of an immoral Arab'. Millions tap their heads on the carpet daily in worship of Allah, their view of God filtered through the evil mind of a murderous desert bandit. Until they convert to Christianity they will continue as pests among men, dangerous to themselves and others, every man's hand against them including their brothers. Islam's foundation theology is a crock, what do you expect the building on top of it to be like?