Sunday, February 8, 2015


from 'blogpshere left' following the call from that nice Mr Little at Waitangi for there to be a conversation on the the Government ceding part-sovereignty or even co-sovereignty to Maori.      

Clearly they know and understand the huge potential damage likely to accrue to brand Labour as a result.   Their answer ... say nothing to stoke the fire.   Problem is ... Little lit the fire.   Radical Maoridom will hold him to his word.

Yesterday afternoon I had a conversation with a couple of persons who are political savvy.   Their assessment was that, up until then, Little hadn't put a foot wrong.     Now he has shot himself in the foot to middle New Zealand.    Watch for the backtracking to begin.    


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Both feet actually. He's going to pipe scheme water to the marae for free as well, don't forget.

JC said...

I think he's steadily been marching against history and public opinion for quite some time now.

A couple of examples would be to turn the flag issue into a Republic issue. Jugears Charlie may well accomplish that but for now I think it will irritate many NZers who like the current mode of incrementation in most things.

He turned out on side with Ms Catton.. that will please the 10% who think they are the elite but not so much the rest.

He's joined the chorus of those demanding Key not text people not approved by him and is following the well trod trail of dogging Key's timelimes.. not without cause this time but its still last years droppings that he's sniffing.

None of these things look like a PM in waiting.. just the leader of the butt sniffers at this time.


Paulus said...

I cannot believe that little Little could be so inept in his Maori pro apartheid comment.

Wait until the next Election - assuming that he is still leader of the Labour party.

I expect to see some interesting figures in the next opinion poll.