Friday, January 2, 2015


Police are canvassing the idea of having a non urgent number as an adjunct to 111.

Why would anyone want the police unless it 'is' urgent.
They can be hours responding to something that is urgent in the assessment of a caller who rang 111 and asked for police now, so who would want to join a queue to tell them anything else.

What, you have left the light on at the station and you are wasting my tax dollars or maybe you have a flattie on you car in ten minutes.

I accept the police force is but a representative sample of the citizenry but are the higher IQ among them all on leave???
Are they not listed in the bloody phonebook?????


Tinman said...

I have several times needed to call the local police on a non-urgent matter - mainly re lost property found in the taxi when I was cleaning it far away from a police station (keys and now, phones, are the most found item).

I can assure you that after hours the lazy bastards simply ignore local calls.

A non-urgent number that will be answered is a bloody good idea.

pdm said...

Tinman - wouldn't *555 work in your case?

Noel said...

This was first published in 2006 after an examination of the calls to 111. "I've lost my car keys" etc.
Hopefully this trial will prove to the dumb heads just what the 111 is for.

"Hello 111"
"I've lost my car keys.":
"You now have a new number to call for those types of events.
Please refrain from using 111."

Yup bloody good idea.